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Out there are numerous advertisers with numerous online ads and the big one, Google, Bing, etc. will try to persuade you that they give maximum satisfaction and return to money spent ratio. However, there are still some discrepancies in who get the information of what you are selling and who these companies show your ads, and this is where ads team comes in. With these big companies, sometimes, irrelevant online ads are served to customers and visitors, thus they are not fully optimised for consumers. With a streamline visitors via, visitors including educated, students and professionals looking for colleges, universities and looking forwards to improving their academic status via the university which could be sponsored, you can put your online ads on our page because only these streamline customers will see them and they are your potential customers. Online classified ads for conferences, schools, colleges, universities, admissions, scholarships, competitions, essay, school holiday for students and academics can be staged on scholarship for maximum influence and feedback from the customers.

Another advantage with is that we don’t do just school, but also IT advertisement, jokes, entertainment, web design and other educative stuff, because we partner with big influential companies around the globe including,,,,,,,,, and These companies specialise in different consumer products, thus a business relationship with translates into your business in contact with the right customers and traffic.

Pay per Click (PPC) classifieds ads online is now recognised as one of the most efficient advertising technique in the online ads for businesses to acquire and direct targeted, measurable website traffic. However, page online ads have a greater return for money.  With your business websites optimised for search engine visibility, a big push via online ads on will put your company ahead of your target.

Moreover, if your company is struggling with search engine optimisation (SEO), please contact us via or contact or, they are experts in search engine optimisation. Thus, with great partners, you can boost your business opportunities by putting online ads on a page or pages on while if your website is not fully optimised for search engine we can also do it for you via our partners.

How do I know if I need a search engine optimisation?

Although there is a dormancy or latent period for your website to be found, if you have spent months working on your website and you get no return or organic traffic, it is an indication that your SEO is not good enough or convincing enough for Google and Bing to rank you or put you on the first page of their searches. If this is your story, contact us or or or

How online ads work with

  • With your input, we create clickable ads for your business that link back to your website. This will get index by google, moreover, it a form of building reputation and link via SEO optimised website like Thus when you have online ads with us, we direct customers to you and we also improve your SEO status.
  • You can also pay for a page with us, with you company description or ads description, and you stand a greater chance of organic customers via us and a back-link building via our website, thus improving your SEO. This page is 100% SEO optimised thus it is visible to the internet world and thus will generate customers for your business.
  • Ads group will consult with you to determine when, where, and how you want your online ads to be presented.

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